The extreme adventure guide to the Caribbean alpines located in Jarabacoa

Jarabacoa is a region that sits right in the middle of the Dominican Republic. With its tropical climate and high elevation thanks to the Central Mountain Range, it has some of the mildest temperatures in the country, causing it to be dubbed The City of Everlasting Spring. Here, you’ll find rivers, mountains, and jungle, making it a perfect spot for an adventure vacation. From paragliding to rafting and more, here are just a few thrilling activities you can find in Jarabacoa to get your heart pumping.

I’ll admit, I was terrified to try paragliding. But it actually wasn’t bad at all! If you can handle high-thrill activities like ziplining, you’ll be fine paragliding. Flying Tony made all my paragliding dreams come true, so I highly recommend to book with him. We soared high above Jarabacoa, and it was magical! We could even see waterfalls down below.

Whitewater Rafting

The whitewater rafting in Jarabacoa and this was one of the best times I’ve ever had doing it! The water level at the time was pretty low on the Yaque del Norte river, but that just made it all the more thrilling. There were several large drops – you will get soaked! For maximum comfort, while rafting, I recommend getting a pair of water shoes. For our rafting tour, we use Rancho Baiguate and it includes Lunch.

Jarabacoa is home to the longest river in the Caribbean, Yaque del Norte, meaning there are lots of great places to chase waterfalls. Three wonderful waterfalls to visit include Salto Baiguate (pictured below) and the two waterfalls dubbed Salto de Jimenoa 1 and Santo Jimeona 2. Fun fact, Salto Jimenoa Uno is where the opening scene of Jurassic Park was filmed. Make sure to wear appropriate shoes to hike down in, and bring your swimsuit so you can swim in the pools as the base of the waterfalls.

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