Puerto Plata fast developing City, its more then just the silver port

The city was founded in 1496, literally, its name is translated as “Silver Harbor”. If you go for a walk on the coast during the sunset, you will immediately understand why this name was chosen when the sun goes down, the coast is coloured in mild silver.

The seaside resort attracts especially those who prefer beach recreation and water sports, here are excellent conditions for surfing and diving created. The best beaches are to be found on the northern coast, nature here is picturesque and green areas are close to the shore.

Since the city is not particularly large, it consists mainly of hotel complexes and shopping centres, the main attractions are in the area. Beautiful architectural structures can be seen in the main park, not far from Fortaleza San Felipe Fort, Puerto Plata Lighthouse and San Felipe Cathedral.

On the beautiful Isabel de Torres mountain lies a large botanical garden where plants from different countries grow. Many entertainments can be found in the Playa Dorada area, which houses the largest shopping malls, new cinemas and restaurants, as well as discos, bars and casinos.

Puerto Plata is a typical modern seaside resort, the rest is comfortable and varied. Central Park is a popular holiday destination.

This is what is called a beautiful square in the middle of the city and surrounded by beautiful colonial buildings. Adjacent to the square is chic mansions and mansions built by wealthy colonizers for their own families.

Today, the chic historic buildings are occupied by various government offices. Nearby a nice rest area is created beautiful palm trees and ornamental flowers are planted in the square you can sit down and rest on benches.

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