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North Coast

Dominican Republic

El Dudu is a classical large sinkhole; access to it is very easy with the cement stairs going down to the water’s edge. It is a very popular tourist attraction and local hangout, and people jump in from all over the place and to swim.

An easy spot to swim is on the far left side, which is the beginning of a very large tunnel which also marks the start of the cavern line. This tunnel has a length of about 100 meters and has a large airdrome which is 50 meters deep. To the right just against the wall, you will notice an area of breakdown slabs and a warning sign; tie into the cavern line (with a yellow arrow). You can then go through the restriction which will get you to the cave’s mainline that is right in the halocline.

This first part of the cave features a very large and tall main tunnel that has many dark tannic stained decorations. One column is over 15 meters high.

The max depth here is 20 meters. At the end of this tunnel, there is a steep slope that goes up to about 6 meters which leads you to a T-junction. To the right of this junction is an air pocket with good air but no outside access and to the left of it, the cave keeps going.

When you continue in the mainline, the cave will get lower and you will then pass through a series of weird dark stalactites before the tunnel opens up again. The rest of the dive has no decoration and is generally shallower with an average depth of only 6-7 meters. After swimming for about 45 minutes, you will eventually get to the end of the line which goes up to another entrance called Cueva de Lilly. Here you will see many bats, snakes and the usual cave critters like whip scorpions and tarantulas. You can exit the cave through Cueva de Lily if you need to, but it will be a hassle due to its inconvenience.


When you are back out, you can swim around the sinkhole towards the left and then dive to the cavern zone which consists of two more tunnels that leads to the third entrance Pozo de Los Caballos, before turning back toward the stairs. The cavern zone is quite grandiose and it is well worth it with huge shellfish encrusted stalactites and very unusual watercolours.


After this incredible dive, we will have a stop for lunch and a sweet pina colada or a coco loco on one of the spectacular beaches on our way back home.


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Day 1

Time : 8:00 am


at pick up point

Day 1

Time : 9:30 pm


for coffee ans snacks

Day 1

Time : 10:30 am


at Dudu Blue lagoon

Day 1

Time : 11:00 am


trough the beautiful Caverns of Dudu have a look at the lagoons an the beautiful spooki underwatre trees

Day 1

Time : 12:00 pm


the Dudu park area, zippline, lagoon and dry cave

Day 1

Time : 1:00 pm


to La Entrada Beach

Day 1

Time : 1:30 pm


local, food and drinks coconuts, juices, beer, rice. salat, chicken, fish, plantains

Day 1

Time : 3:00 pm


from La Entrada Beach

Day 1

Time : 5:00 pm


at departure point

transfer, dive, entrance fees, lunch, water, softdrinks ,snacks

tip, alcoholic bewerages

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