6 things that make Cabarete and the Northcoast an athletic paradise

The Dominican Republic has always associated with vacation packages and pure beach vacation – until I first heard of Cabarete. The small village in the north of the island is quickly geared exclusively to athletes. And here are the seven things that make Cabarete an absolute paradise for athletes.

1. The climate in Cabarete

In Cabarete, it is warm all year round – temperatures never fall below 25 ° C. Most sunny days are from May to August,
during which the wind conditions are best. During the winter months from November to April, the wind is less constant,
but the waves are higher. By the way, you can leave the wetsuit at home: the water temperatures never fall below 26 ° C all year round.

2. The kite and windsurfing beach in Cabarete

Cabarete is not in vain as one of the best sports for windsurfers and kitesurfers in the Caribbean: Every year, the “Master of the Ocean” is held there – a multi-day competition in the disciplines of windsurfing, kitesurfing and surfing. In addition, the “Kitesurfing World Cup” and the Cabarete Classic (a windsurfing competition in the slalom and freestyle categories) regularly take place here.

The main beach directly at the village centre is reserved for windsurfers. About a kilometre further west is the Kitebeach. The entire beach is lined with wind and kite surfing schools. The prices for a kitesurfing lesson are about 90 US $. A windsurfing lesson costs about U$ 70. In many schools, it is common that you are allowed to continue with the equipment alone after the lesson.   Incidentally, anyone who has more experience can also kite at the mouth of the Río Yásica (“La Boca”) at the eastern end of Cabarete.

3.The surfing beach Playa Encuentro

About five kilometres west of Cabarete is the Playa Encuentro, which offers perfect conditions for surfing all year round. In the summer months, the swell is smaller, while the waves in winter (November to April) can be really high.

4.The nearby diving areas

In Sosua, Cabarete area there are several diving schools offering diving courses and dive safaris or trips to the nearby coral banks, tunnels, wrecks and caves. Overall, there are about 20 good dive sites in the area.  Both locals and tourists pro divers like to go further than just Sosua and Cabarete. Dive sides like the Haitian Wall and the Mandragora Wreck in Montecristi or a unique Sandkey, Cayo Arena in Punta Rucia are a must for every adventures diver.

5. Snorkelling at the Marine Sanctuary Sosua Bay,

Experience an unforgettable environmental snorkelling trip on the  Sosua Bay visit the project side of Fundemar young Foundation founded in Sosua to protect the marine life in Sosua by creating a marine sanctuary instaling different coral nurseries with a motivated team, in Caribbean serenity, in a dreamlike environment.

Once there, the boat takes us to the sea, in an area where we can snorkel extensively visit the coral nurseries explore the micro sanctuary identifying a variety of different fish and coral species.

6. The rivers and waterfalls offer the most Adventures activities

Across the island and through the rainforest, there are several rivers that invite to rafting, kayaking and SUP. In addition, there are plenty of waterfalls that you can explore, for example, on a fun canyoning tour with Kayak river Adventure jumping and rappeling down the canyons.

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